It’s logical but not obvious. To shape the workplace isn’t simple. And when the form must be also content, the result is only Logic.
With Logic, the workplace has an extremely well-organized soul, a real customized settlement, where all the elements are intended to support and improve the daily performance.
Tops aren’t supported, but just hanged over vertical elements, metallic frames and containers, aimed to sustain and to contain.

• 2 types of legs: metallic leg or solid panel, both flush with the worktop;
• The desks can be used for individual or team tables;
• The desks can be used for individual or team tables;
• Leg with wiring channel and integrated access from the top;
• Wiring tray and channel under the worktop;
• 3 finishes for the worktop;
• 1 finish for the legs: white;
• Frame in the same colour as the legs, with slip-in fitting;
• Storage system and other supporting elements for workstations;
• 1 version of melamine-finished front panels with fittings and accessories;
• 1 version of methacrylate side screens;
• Auxiliary wiring with clips, no drilling needed;

О нас

Мы проектируем, производим и поставляем мебель для отелей, торговых центров, офисов, ресторанов, и других крупных коммерческих объектов.


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