A complete set of cabinets to be easily integrated with the full range of Las Mobili products, thanks to finishing’s transversality that allows any combination.

• 4 models of chests of drawers;
• 3 models of service units;
• 6 types of storage units;
• Blind doors, glass doors, framed glass doors, sliding doors, roll-up doors;
• 5 colours for the structure;
• 14 finishes, plain colours and wood;
• 24 fabrics for upholstered accessories;
• Handles in identical finishing as the doors, both grain and full colour;

О нас

Мы проектируем, производим и поставляем мебель для отелей, торговых центров, офисов, ресторанов, и других крупных коммерческих объектов.


Mazā Nometņu iela 31-
403, Рига,
Латвия, LV-1002