One is an executive armchair with a modern form and technical solutions. Features contributing to its outstanding ergonomic character include: mechanism Synchro, seat depth, armrest and headrest adjustments. The synchronous mechanism helps the user to keep a proper seating position and reduces the unpleasant feeling of “pulling the jacket” while leaning back. A distinguishing feature of the model is its backrest. Made of plastic ensuring maximum flexibility, the backrest perfectly adjusts to the backbone of the user, also during movement. Its innovative structure allow the additional tilt of the backrest, up to 45°degrees. In this respect the chair is a unique product on the Polish market.
The form of the chair is highlighted by the use of the contrasting materials of the front and rear side of the seat as well as the meticulously worked out details: stitching on the edges of the backrest and the subtle indentation on the seat’s surface. With many options of finishing and wide choice of details available, the chair can fit into a range of modern office arrangements.

One received a certificate granted by LGA QualiTest GmbH to confirm its compliance with rigorous ergonomic standards. As a consequence, the product is certified to use the licensed GS marks “Safety Tested” and “Ergonomic Product”. The mark signifies that the model is designed in a way that makes it optimally suited for the user’s needs and working conditions. Hence, our customers benefit from a guarantee of constant care for their safety and the top quality of products.

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Мы проектируем, производим и поставляем мебель для отелей, торговых центров, офисов, ресторанов, и других крупных коммерческих объектов.


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