Kala is a family of conference/auditorium chairs. Unique thin planes of the seat and backrest combined with a delicate frame finely accentuating the chair’s shape and meticulously crafted details make up an interesting contemporary form of the model. A broad choice of configurations available for different models make the family a truly universal solution. The chairs come in three base variants: four-legged chair, cantilevered chair and a two- to five seater bench. Frame and upholstery colour can also be matched to individual interior arrangements.

The chairs are stackable to facilitate storage. The model’s clearly outlined, yet light, form – together with a broad choice of details and finishing elements – give Kala a style that goes very well with modern office décor.

Zoo is intended to be a quietly confident chair range that is genuinely versatile. Small business meeting, conference or lecture rooms are those spaces for which Zoo is perfect. It will add colour and unique atmosphere to such places. 

Dozens of varied configurations allow for full adjustment of the chairs to the circumstances in which they are to be used. They can be combined in rows, numbered and arranged around a conference room or lecture room. After the event they can be easily placed one on top of another and in this way the area can be neatly ordered in the blink of an eye.

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